Get Your Black Twitter Icon Back

So far, I am thoroughly loving the Mac App Store. For a couple of reasons I think it is a powerful and forward-faced tool. I could only imagine the politics surrounding it that make it considerably less desirable to some (developers), but there are some solid pluses. One being competitive price points which make getting new apps a lot easier on the end-user’s wallet. $20 apps cost $5. Aperture is over 50% off. And functionally, we have a hub for looking up useful utilities and a new reason to be happy when we get that iTunes Gift Card for Christmas. Who thought that one day it would be able to go towards Adobe Photoshop CS6? Apple.

The first thing I downloaded was Twitter. It’s beautiful, It’s powerful, and it had a super-rad icon to show for it. In a recent update, the folks at Twitter decided to make the icon blue. Though I understand the nature of branding consistency and, therefore, why they made that move, the black icon was just too slick of a teaser. Before updating, I backed up my old icons so that I could tinker. And tinkering is what I did.

Step 1: Download the Old Icon
This tutorial will take you 5 minutes. All you’re doing is swapping 1 file. Download the old Twitter icon here.

Step 2: Enable App Modifications

Open Finder and point it to your Twitter app in your /[User Name]/Applications folder. In order to swap files, you need to give yourself permission to do so. Right-click the app and select “Get Info.” In the “Get Info” panel, there should be a list of permissions at the bottom of the window. Click the padlock at the bottom right edge of the window to enable changes. Change each drop-down option to “Read & Write” as pictured above.

Step 3: Browse Inside of the App

Right click the app again and this time select “Show Package Contents.” Each app in OS X is really just a folder with all of its necessary files self-contained.

Right click the app again and this time select “Show Package Contents.” Each app in OS X is really just a folder with all of its necessary files self-contained.
Once you reveal the contents, point your Finder to Contents > Resources > Icon.icns. This is the file you will be replacing

Step 4: Replace the Icon

Unzip the old Twitter icon you downloaded and attempt to click and drag it into the folder with the blue one. It will tell you that you need to Authenticate in order for the replacement to happen. Enter your administrator password and, once you do, you’re done! Undock and re-dock your Twitter on your dock for changes to take place and refresh your Finder window.



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4 responses to “Get Your Black Twitter Icon Back

  1. There are enough blue app icons in the world; thanks for posting this.

  2. mg

    in Terminal:

    cd /Applications/
    sudo mv Icon.icns Icon1.icns
    sudo mv Icon2.icns Icon.icns

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