Thinking too much for my own good is my pleasure. Satchell is my name. I reside in Philadelphia, PA as a growing graphic designer/developer/musician/videographer/tech-geek. I’m ironically in the field of sports marketing design, though I’m personally not a committed fan of any sport other than the UFC.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hey Satchell , thanks for the comment!

    Nice blog… keep up the good work :)


  2. Satchell,
    Great to meet you! Thanks for the comment. I have to leave your blog now because I am coveting your design skills! Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  3. Satchell,

    I’m sorry, but I missed your second comment on my blog earlier this month. I did respond, finally, tonight. Check it out: http://tr.im/phr3


  4. JK

    hi satchell,

    thanks for the comment. there are not too many books one christianity and arts. but, if you search, you’ll find some good ones!


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